Two well-known brands in the E-bike industry, VanMoof and Cowboy, are known for their innovative and stylish electric bikes. They offer high-quality designs, and advanced features in their bikes. With our commitment to educating our readers about sustainable transportation, in this review, we will provide you with in-depth information about Vanmoof Vs Cowboy e-bike comparison including differences in their range, speed, power, and price.

VanMoof Vs Cowboy E-Bike

A Dutch-based company, VanMoof e-bikes are popular in the US due to their high quality, sleek minimalist design perfect for urban areas, and long battery life that can deliver over 90 miles on economy setting. VanMoof bikes provide a smooth and quiet ride with adjustable speed assistance. Over the years, the company has made significant strides in technology development. Their turbo boost system is highly effective, providing significant acceleration for their vehicles. Additionally, their anti-theft system is exceptional in protecting the vehicle from potential burglars. These features have undoubtedly contributed to the company’s success and reputation for delivering high-quality vehicles. VanMoof has S3 and S3 Limited Edition, S4, S5, VanMoof X Series (X3 and X4), and VanMoof A5 models of their e-bikes.

The Cowboy is an excellent bike for those who ride in the city and want a dynamic bike that handles beautifully. They are a great alternative to cars and public transportation for short distances. With their powerful yet agile design, they make commuting around town easy. A Cowboy e-bike offers you a fast, fun, and sustainable way to get around. With its detachable battery, this urban e-bike is perfect for those who need charging flexibility. The Cowboy bike is made for city life and has a lightweight carbon belt drive and rear hub motor. It is easy to handle on busy streets and requires very little maintenance. Cowboy e-bikes have 3 models: Cowboy 3, Cowboy C4, and Cowboy 4ST.

The next thing to know in VanMoof Vs Cowboy e-bike comparison and differences is their pros and cons.

1. Pros 

a. VanMoof E- Bikes

  • Extended battery range with adjustable electric assistance levels
  • Featured with a turbo boost the bike also has an integrated Kick Lock system
  • The control display is integrated into handlebars or frames along with the Smartphone app
  • Premium anti-theft security and Dock lock for an additional battery

b. Cowboy E-Bikes

  • Bikes are lightweight
  • Offers flexible charging facility with removable battery
  • These bikes come with a wireless phone charging system
  • Carbon belt offers oil-free and low maintenance

2. Cons

a. VanMoof E-Bikes

  • Bikes are comparatively heavier
  • Bikes come with slow battery charge
  • The nonremovable battery makes it less convenient for charging
  • The traditional chain requires high maintenance

b. Cowboy E-Bikes

  • These bikes have no turbo charges
  • Non-adjustable speed levels
  • Lower range

Similarities of VanMoof Vs Cowboy E-bikes

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  • Both e-bikes have a 250 watts motor that offers continuous power according to the European Pedelec Regulations. Both provide electrical assistance up to a speed of 25 kilometers per hour.
  • They have integrated lights into the frame that information about the battery status.
  • Both have hydraulic disc brakes with an integrated lighting system.
  • One frame size is available for both bikes. Cowboy e-bikes have 170-195 cm and VanMoof comes in 170-210 cm.
  • VanMoof comes with pre-fitted fenders, but you can get them ordered for Cowboy too.

Differences Between VanMoof and Cowboy E-bikes

Now we have arrived at the VanMoof Vs Cowboy e-bike comparison and differences so let us first take a look at differences.

1. Battery

VanMoof’s e-bikes have batteries built into the frame with a capacity of 504 Wh. Cowboy e-bikes have a smaller battery with 360 Wh power. It is detachable and mounted in the seat tube.

2. Motor and Drive System

Cowboy e-bikes use a single-speed drive with only one gear and a single motor in the rear wheel. A torque sensor controls a drive system, providing natural support as it is linked to the pedaling force of the rider.

VanMoof’s engine is installed in the front wheel which creates space for a 4-speed hub gear. You can use an app to control the gear shifting, which will automatically change the transmission when you reach certain speeds. The torque sensor is missing.

3. Tires

Cowboy e-bikes have 42 mm wide tires from Continental and VanMoof has 50 mm wide Schwalbe Big Ben tires.

4. Accessory

Cowboy offers only mudguards as an additional accessory whereas VanMoof offers a wide range of accessories including rear and front racks, child seats, and luggage bags.

5. Weight

Cowboy e-bikes weigh around 16.9 kilograms whereas VanMoof S3 is 4 kilograms heavier. Usually, all models of VanMoof are heavier than Cowboy.

Here is the table for an easy comparison of both models – VanMoof S3 and Cowboy 3.

SpecificationVanMoof S3Cowboy 3
Battery504 Wh (fixed in the frame)360 Wh (Removable)
BrakesHydraulic disc brakesHydraulic disc brakes
ColorsDark black; Light blueAnthracite grey; Black; Mineral Grey
Drive system4-speed automatic transmission

(hub gear) with chain

Single-speed drive

with Gates belt drive

Frame sizeOne size for 170-210 cmOne size for 170-195 cm
Motor250 W Motor with 59 Nm Torque (front wheel)250 W Motor with 30 Nm Torque (rear wheel)
MudguardsIntegratedOptional (at extra charge)
Optional accessoriesChild seats; Front carrier; Matching locks; Rear rack panniersNil
Range (according to manufacturer)60-150 km70 km
Return option14 days30 days
Sales modeOnline direct saleOnline direct sale
Software featuresAlarm system; Automatic unlocking; Dashboard; Electronic bell; In-App Instructions; Navigation; Recording of rides; TrackingAir quality display; Automatic unlocking; Crash detection; Dashboard; In-App Support; Navigation; Recording of rides; Tracking; Theft Insurance and notification via the App.

(optional, monthly subscription)

Warranty3 Years2 Years
Weight21 kg approx16.9 kg
Wheels28″ with 50 mm wide

Schwalbe Big Ben tires

27.5″ with 42 mm wide

Continental Contact Plus Tyres

VanMoof Vs Cowboy Motor Power

After learning about VanMoof Vs Cowboy e-bike comparison and differences let us have a look at their motor power. Both e-bikes have intuitive power systems and VanMoof motor power generally ranges between 250W and 350W with 59 Nm of torque.

On the other hand, Cowboy e-bikes have 250W rear hub motors with 30Nm torque. So, apart from the motor power, how to compare Vanmoof vs Cowboy speed? Let us find out in the next segment. Additionally, let’s also check out Vanmoof vs Cowboy e-bike range in terms of the distance these bikes can cover on a single charge.

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VanMoof Vs Cowboy Speed and Range

Vanmoof Vs Cowboy E-Bike Comparison and Differences 3
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VanMoof has a 3-speed automatic gearing whereas Cowboy has a single-speed drive chain with a single-speed motor. VanMoof and Cowboy e-bikes have the same speed of 15.5 mph.

Talking about VanMoof Vs Cowboy e-bike range then let me tell you that VanMoof has a range of about 37 – 93 miles (59 km to 149 km) in a single charge. On the other hand, Cowboy e-bikes range is 43.5 miles (70 km).

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VanMoof Vs Cowboy E-Bike Price

Since you are aware of Vanmoof vs Cowboy motor power and their speed, let us take a look at the following list. This Vanmoof vs Cowboy e-bike price list mentions the price of each model from both brands.

1. Prices of VanMoof E-Bikes

  • VanMoof S3 – $1,998
  • VanMoof S3 Outlet models – $1,911
  • VanMoof S5 – $ 3,998
  • VanMoof A5 – $ 3,998
  • VanMoof S4 – $ 2,498
  • VanMoof X4 – $ 2,498
  • VanMoof S3 Limited-edition S3 e-bike with aluminum frame – $2,648
  • VanMoof X3 – $2,690
  • VanMoof X3 Outlet bikes – $1,836 – $1,911

2. Prices of Cowboy E-Bikes

  • Cowboy 3 – $2,038 (Colors available: Black, Mineral, and Anthracite)
  • Cowboy C4 – $3,225 or at $269 EMI for 12 months (Colors available: Black, Sand, Khaki, and Sage)
  • Cowboy C4 ST – $3,225 or at $269 EMI for 12 months (Colors available: Khaki, Black, Sand, and Sage)

In this comparison journey of VanMoof Vs Cowboy e-bike, we discovered that both have some key differences, but they have their unique features too. One important aspect to consider is the motor placement since VanMoof has it located in the front wheel hub, whereas the latter has it placed in the rear wheel hub. If you are more into range and versatility, you can opt for VanMoof however, if power and lightweight bikes are your choices, the Cowboy e-bike should be chosen.

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