Lowering your electricity bill and consumption is achievable with the right energy provider in Texas. Amidst fierce market competition, diligent research is vital to align your needs. If you’re an Arlington, Texas resident seeking clarity amid options, delve into this article! Discover the best electric companies in Arlington TX and attain the most economical electricity rates.

Best Electric Company in Arlington TX

In the vibrant city of Arlington, TX, finding the ideal electric company is essential for ensuring a seamless and efficient power supply. With an array of options available, residents and businesses alike seek a provider that blends competitive rates, exceptional customer service, and sustainable energy solutions.

Here is a curated list of the best energy companies in Arlington TX, take a look below.

1. 4Change Energy

4Change Energy official web page
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4Change Energy is among the best electric company in Arlington TX. It stands out for its extensive range of plan choices and energy alternatives. By inputting your ZIP code, you can conveniently locate 4Change Energy plans available in your area. Renowned for its competitive rates, diverse plan selections, and philanthropic endeavors, this company is a reliable choice.

Key features of 4Change Energy include:

  • Cost-Effective Fixed and Variable Plans: The company offers an array of plans featuring both fixed and variable rates, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your preferences and budget.
  • Complimentary Energy Usage Periods: Certain plans provide periods of free energy usage, enhancing the value you receive from your chosen plan.
  • Bill Credits for Electricity Consumption: Customers can enjoy bill credits as a reward for achieving specific electricity consumption thresholds.

Whether you’re interested in short-term month-to-month arrangements or longer-term three-year contracts, 4Change Energy ensures you have a wealth of options to cater to your individual needs. Additionally, with a commitment to donating 4% of its profits to charitable causes, you can make a positive impact by partnering with 4Change Energy.

2. Amigo Energy

JAN 23 Amigo Energy: best electric company in Arlington TX
Image from amigoenergy.com

Amigo Energy started in 2002 when Texas began changing its energy rules. They began by offering different energy plans to match how people live.

They’re known for helping both English and Spanish speakers, and they have many plans for different budgets. You can choose a plan for a short time or a longer one that lasts 36 months. They even have plans that use clean energy.

Amigo Energy wants to be honest with your bills. They make sure their energy plans are easy to understand and don’t have any tricky things that could make your bill higher than you expect.

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3. Cirro Energy

JAN 23 Cirro Energy web page
Image from cirroenergy.com

Cirro Energy operates under NRG Energy and is closely linked to Reliant Energy as its sister company. This Texan electricity provider is one of the best electric companies in Arlington TX. It aims to offer customers an easy and speedy shopping process, providing electricity rates that fall within the affordable to moderate range.

Cirro’s electricity plans are straightforward and uncomplicated, avoiding excessive choices that might slow down the selection process for Texas energy plans. The options provided by Cirro include both one-year and multi-year terms.

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4. Constellation Energy

JAN 23 Constellation Energy official web pagebest electric company in Arlington TX 2
Image from constellation.com

Constellation Energy Corporation, presently recognized as Constellation, holds the distinction of being the largest producer of carbon-free energy in the nation. It extends its commitment to sustainability by delivering eco-friendly solutions to households, businesses, and the general public. With its headquarters located in Baltimore, Maryland, Constellation Energy has established itself as a prominent player in the energy sector.

A noteworthy aspect of Constellation Energy Corporation is its leadership in the competitive retail supply of power and energy-related products and services, catering to residential and commercial clients throughout the United States. Impressively, the company’s diverse generation fleet generates a sufficient energy capacity to power around 15 million households. Remarkably, over 90 percent of its annual energy output is devoid of carbon emissions.

Constellation Energy offers both fixed-rate and variable-rate electricity plans. The fixed-rate plans are available in every state they serve. These plans are perfect if you enjoy price certainty and predictability. On the other hand, variable-rate plans are available only in Texas. These rates fluctuate based on market prices.

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5. Direct Energy

Direct Energy web page
Image from directenergy.com

Direct Energy stands out as a major retail supplier of electricity, natural gas, and energy-related services for both homes and businesses in North America. Boasting a remarkable track record of expansion, the company has achieved significant growth over time.

Direct Energy’s central administrative hub is situated in Houston, Texas, serving as the North American Headquarters. Additionally, the company maintains regional offices spread across the United States and Canada. With an extensive reach, Direct Energy operates across all 50 states in the U.S., encompassing the District of Columbia, and extends its services to eight provinces in Canada.

The company provides fixed-rate, free energy, and green energy plans. They offer month-to-month, 12 months, 18-month, and 24-month energy plans.

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6. Discount Power

JAN 23 Discount Power
Image from discountpowertx.com

Discount Power operates under the umbrella of NRG Energy and shares its affiliation with Reliant Energy as a sibling company. This Texan energy supplier is one of the best electric companies in Arlington TX. It delivers uncomplicated electricity rates, focusing on a straightforward and hassle-free customer experience.

The electricity plans offered by Discount Power are designed for simplicity, making them easy to comprehend and sign up for. Leveraging its status as an NRG company, Discount Power benefits from skilled management, ensuring customers receive dependable and high-quality customer service.

You can visit their website, enter your zip code, and check the best plans for you. For instance, for zip code 76001, the company offers both fixed and variable plans. It offers month-to-month, 12-month, and 24-month plans.

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7. Flagship Power

Flagship Power official web page
Image from flagshippower.com

Newly starting in the Texas energy market, Flagship Power began in 2022. They’re based in Houston and want to give you good prices for electricity, modern technology, and great customer service. Among all the companies that sell electricity in Texas, Flagship Power is different because they offer plans that are better than others. One special thing about this best electric company in Arlington TX is they have a seven-month plan, and they also have plans that use clean energy.

Every plan from Flagship Power has a fixed price. That means you pay the same amount every month during your contract. Most contracts are for 12, 24, or 36 months, but Flagship Power has a different option: a seven-month contract. This might be good for you if you’re moving soon or like to change energy companies often.

If you like to take advantage of when electricity prices go up or down, a different kind of plan might be better for you. These plans are called variable-rate plans. They give you lower prices when electricity prices are low, but the prices can be high when many people are using electricity. However, Flagship Power only has fixed-rate plans right now, so if you want a variable-rate plan, you’ll need to choose a different company.

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8. Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities official web page
Image from frontierutilities.com

Frontier Utilities is a big company that gives energy in Texas, also listed among the best electric companies in Arlington TX. They have their main office in Houston, but they offer plans to people all across Texas, as well as in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey where the rules for energy are more open. Frontier Utilities started in 2008.

They have different plans you can pick from for your electricity. Some plans have a fixed rate, which means you pay the same amount every month. Other plans have a variable rate, which can change based on how much energy you use. You can start by putting in your Arlington TX ZIP code to see what plans they have in your area.

For zip code 76001 of Arlington, Frontier Utilities offers four plans Frontier Super Saver 12, Beat the Heat 12, Frontier Simple Saver 12, and Frontier Summer Saver 12. The lowest price plan Frontier Super Saver 12 is priced at about 8.3¢ per kWh at 1000 kWh. To know the best plans for your area, enter your zip code on their official website.

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9. Gexa Energy

JAN 23 Gexa Energy web page: best electric company in Arlington TX 3
Image from gexaenergy.com

Gexa Energy is a popular electricity company in Texas, and they’re a part of NextEra Energy. People trust them because they have really low prices for electricity. If you switch to their plans and aren’t happy within the first 60 days, they promise to make things right.

Gexa also has plans that use clean energy, which is good for the environment. These plans can cost less than some other plans that use polluting sources.

People really like Gexa Energy because their prices are good and they care about the environment. Customers say their energy plans are great, and they’re happy with the service they get. Some even say, “The prices are good” and “They helped me a lot when I needed it.”

For Zip code 76003 of Arlington, the company offers four electricity plans Gexa Simply Low 12, EveryDay | EveryNight 12, Gexa Basic Plus 12, and Free 3-Day Weekends 12. Among this these four plans, Gexa Simply Low 12 offers the lowest price at nearly 8.5¢ per kWh at 1000 kWh. You can see the electricity plans available for your area by visiting their official website and entering your zip code.

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10. Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy official web page: best electric company in Arlington TX 4
Image from greenmountainenergy.com

For more than 20 years, Green Mountain Energy has been a leader in providing clean and eco-friendly electricity in Texas. While they might not have the cheapest prices, Green Mountain offers electricity that comes from the sun and wind, which is good for the environment. They also have really good customer service.

Green Mountain Energy started in Vermont in 1997. Among all the companies that give electricity in Texas, Green Mountain was the first one to focus only on clean energy for homes. Since 1997, their energy plans using renewable sources have helped stop 60 billion pounds of a gas called carbon dioxide (CO2) from going into the air. That’s like planting more than 7 million trees!

The people who work at Green Mountain are really good at what they do. They’re on our list of best companies, and they’re doing a great job.

For Zip code 76006 of Arlington TX, the company offers month-to-month, 12-month, and 24-month electricity plans. The lowest rate plan they offer is priced at about 15.9¢ per kWh at 2000 kWh.

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11. Just Energy

JAN 23 Just Energy
Image from justenergy.com

Just Energy is a major company that delivers electricity and natural gas across North America. When you decide to switch to Just Energy, you have the freedom to choose the kind of service you need exactly when you need it. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for electricity, natural gas, credits for clean and renewable energy, or ways to use energy more efficiently– they have all these options available for you.

With a track record spanning more than two decades, they have been dedicated to serving their customers in both the United States and Canada. Over this time, they have built a reputation for providing reliable and responsive energy solutions.

People who use Just Energy like their customer service and how they handle bills and accounts. People also think their prices, plans, and deals are good.

For zip code 76012 of Arlington TX, this company offers more than 10 electricity plans. They offer 12, 24, 36, and 60-month plans. The lowest price they offer is about 12¢ per kWh average rate of 1000 kWh.

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12. New Power Texas

New Power Texas: best electric company in Arlington TX 4
Image from newpowertx.com

New Power Texas is an electricity company that offers its services to people all over Texas. They focus on providing essential electricity that everyone needs. Their goal is to simplify the process, making it easy and fast for you to find the right electricity plan and sign up quickly.

The dedicated team at New Power Texas puts in a lot of effort to make sure they offer the best rates and options for people who want to save on their electricity bills. They want to make it super convenient for you to sign up and get the electricity you need.

To review electricity plans available in your area, please call their customer service at 888-853-5747 and they will assist you.

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13. Payless Power

Jan 23 Payless Power web page: best electric company in Arlington TX 5
Image from paylesspower.com

Payless Power is a company from Texas that was started in 2005 by three people named Brandon, Byron, and Brian Young. Brandon Young has been the CEO since 2009. The company is part of Young Energy, LLC and they work in over 400 places in Texas. Their main office is in Fort Worth.

Payless Power, the best electric company in Arlington TX serves a growing need in Texas for electricity. They want to make sure that everyone, even if they have had problems with money before, can have electricity that they can afford. Even if you don’t have a good credit history, you can quickly get electricity for your home or business without paying a big deposit upfront. They have plans where they don’t check your credit, so you’re sure to get approved.

In Texas, there are other companies that offer prepaid electricity, but Payless Power is really good because they care a lot about their customers. They give tools to their customers so they can control how much electricity they use and how they spend money. Payless Power helps people find the right plan and makes sure they understand how to use energy wisely. They make sure their customers are informed and in control of their energy use.

For zip code 76005 of Arlington TX, this company offers two electricity plans Premier 12 and Simple 6. Both of them are priced at about 17.7¢ per kWh. They provide 12-month and 6-month fixed rates respectively.

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14. Pulse Power (Owned by Shell Energy Company)

JAN 23 Pulse Power
Image from pulsepowertexas.com

Pulse Power belongs to Shell Energy and is run by a really experienced and skilled team. They offer great prices and have a top-quality way of working. It’s tough to find a better combination of being trustworthy and having low and simple rates.

Pulse Power provides some of the best and most straightforward rates for people who use electricity at home. Their plans are made to avoid surprising bills and make customers happy, so they keep choosing them year after year.

Because of their low prices and good service, Pulse Power is becoming one of the fastest-growing electricity providers in Texas. They mainly focus on plans where the rates stay the same for a year or more. To review the plans available in your area, you can call them at 833-785-7797.

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15. Reliant Energy

Reliant Energy web page
Image from reliant.com

Reliant Energy is a really big and well-known company that provides electricity in Texas. They are part of NRG Energy and are respected in the state because they are really good at taking care of their customers and offering reliable energy plans.

The people who work for Reliant are trained well and are friendly. They are even on our list of best operators. You can call them directly at 833-339-0416 if you want to talk to them.

Reliant might not have the cheapest prices, but their plans are reliable and not too expensive. They also help customers figure out how to use less energy so their bills are lower.

People like Reliant a lot for how they handle bills and accounts, their customer service, and how satisfied their customers are overall. One person said, “I’m really happy I chose Reliant. I’ve been with them for 6 years in 2 different places, and I don’t have any complaints.

For Zip code 76011 of Arlington TX, this company provides 12 energy plans. It offers month-to-month, 12, 18, and 24 fixed or variable rate plans. The cheapest rate 12-month fixed plan it offers here is the Reliant Secure Advantage® 12 plan which costs about 17.5¢ at 2,000 kWh.

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16. TXU Energy

TXU Energy official website
Image from txu.com

TXU Energy is among the best electric company in Arlington TX. They have been around for more than 100 years, starting as the Dallas Electric Company in 1882.

Because they treat their customers really well, a lot of people stick with them even when there are many other options in the market.

TXU is mostly known in the Dallas area, where they are based. They were one of the first to offer free nights and weekend plans.

People think highly of TXU for how they take care of customers, their work in the community, being innovative, and how people see them in the market. They have a few options for fixed-rate electricity plans in Texas that you can use for one year or more.

For zip code 76012 of Arlington TX, TXU offers 10 electricity plans. It offers month-to-month, 10-month, and 12-month plans. The plan prices range from 10¢ to 16¢ per kWh at 1000 kWh. To find out the best plans for your Arlington location, visit their official site.

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17. Tara Energy

JAN 23 Tara Energy: best electric company in Arlington TX 8
Image from taraenergy.com

Tara Energy has been a major electricity provider for many homes and businesses since it began in 2002. The goal of Tara Energy is to give their customers good deals on their plans and make sure they have a really good experience.

They have plans that are affordable for families of all sizes. You can get their service on the same day you ask for it, and it’s easy to manage your account online. Their customer service is really good too – they make sure their customers are happy with what they do.

Tara Energy offer about 8 plans for zip code 76014 of Arlington TX. They only offer fixed-rate plans here. They have 12, 24, 36, and 60-month plans. The plans in this zip code range from about 12¢ to 16¢ per kWh at 1000 kWh. After going through the list of the best electric company in Arlington TX, let’s also learn about electric companies in Arlington TX with no deposit.

Note: Prices vary based on chosen plans and terms, subject to change. Verify current prices before purchasing.

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Electric Companies in Arlington TX No Deposit

If you’re searching for electric companies in Arlington TX with no deposit, you’ll find several choices at your disposal. Below, we outline a selection of such electric companies:

  • Yes Electricity: Yes Electricity delivers no-deposit electricity service in Arlington, TX. They present cost-effective residential electricity plans without necessitating a credit check.
  • Payless Power: Payless Power extends prepaid plans in the Arlington, TX region that do not require deposits or credit checks. They provide flexible payment choices and avoid locking you into long-term contracts.
  • Ladybug Energy: Ladybug Energy mentions that several electricity providers in Arlington offer no-deposit plans, often contingent upon a prior soft credit check. Ladybug Energy acts as a resource for information on electricity rates, plans, and frequently asked questions specific to Arlington, TX.
  • Quick Electricity: Quick Electricity makes available month-to-month electricity plans with zero deposits and no credit checks mandated in Arlington, TX. Their offerings cover both residential and business customers, and they even offer same-day electric service.
  • Vault Electricity: Vault Electricity offers a platform for comparing the most affordable electricity rates in Arlington, TX. They boast an assortment of plans, including options for green energy, no-deposit arrangements, rewards programs, and free night plans.

So, these were some electric companies in Arlington TX with no deposit. After this, you must be curious to know who is the cheapest energy provider in Arlington.

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Who is the Cheapest Energy Provider in Arlington?

Currently, Flagship Power provides the most economical electricity rate in Arlington. A few other providers in Arlington, such as Frontier Utilities and Express Energy, also present affordable rates. However, it’s important to note that the rates of the best electric companies in Arlington TX can change based on the type of plan and may go up and down frequently. As you look for a plan, make sure to check the rates offered by Arlington’s electricity providers today. This should have answered who is the cheapest energy provider in Arlington.

After learning about the best electric company in Arlington TX, you can pick the best for your needs. Explore services on their websites to save costs based on your requirements. For more amazing reviews, check out our website.

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