The EcoFlow Delta Pro is a cutting-edge, sleek, and portable power station that will meet all your power needs. It is integrated with or independent of renewable energy solutions. It is among the best power stations available in the market. But before buying even the best product in the market people have doubts and. This Ecoflow Delta Pro Review will solve all your queries related to Ecoflow delta pro price, battery, and problems to decide is EcoFlow Delta Pro worth it.

Ecoflow Delta Pro Review- Is It Worth It?

JAN 23 Ecoflow Delta Pro Review- Is It Worth It?Before buying anything it is really necessary to properly review it. If you want to buy EcoFlow Delta Pro, you should go through its review. But before going through any review you must learn about EcoFlow Delta Pro and its features in detail.

What is the EcoFlow Delta Pro?

EcoFlow Delta Pro is a fairly new solar portable power station that was released in September 2021. This power station can be an emergency power solution that can power an entire home.

EcoFlow has issued this powerhouse of a power station in the wake of increasing demand for batteries that could run home during blackouts. This will help you respond to the increasing energy uncertainty.

This EcoFlow power station is embodied with various outlets and charging ports. It is capable of powering a boat, an RV, a small cabin, and probably even your entire camping trip.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro has record-breaking AC charging speed. It has been designed to make use of existing green technology and infrastructure- a range of solar panels as well as EV charging stations.

Although this power station is great for various situations the average homeowner still goes for more portable and affordable stations with basic functionalities.

The key features of EcoFlow Delta Pro are-

  • Output Power: 3600W, 4500W with XBoost
  • Battery: LiFePO4 battery
  • Charging Options: Multiple
  • Charging: Fast Solar
  • Output Ports: 15
  • Retractable handle
  • Wheels

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EcoFlow Delta Pro Review: Dissecting the Key Features

To fully understand the Ecoflow Delta pro review, you need to get an understanding of its key features-

1. Sleek Design

JAN 23 ecoflow delta pro review
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The Delta Pro comes in a metallic gray and anthracite color scheme. At first glance, it looks quite streamlined and elegant. Its size is that of a small suitcase and weighs about 99 lbs. It has two handles on opposite sides, a pair of sturdy wheels on the back, and an extendable handle on the other side. Thus you can easily carry this device around.

On the front side of ecoflow delta pro, you have-

  • AC Outlets: 5
  • USB Ports: 6
  • A Big Screen
  • Under the upper side cover, you’ll find
  • 12V car outlet
  • 1 Anderson port
  • 2 DC5521 output ports
  • Switches and Buttons for pairing, IoT, and standby mode

Under the lower side cover, you’ll discover an

On the opposite side, you’ll find an

  • Car/solar charging port
  • Extra battery ports (about 2)
  • Switch for slow/fast charging mode
  • A reset button

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2. Huge Capacity Battery (Can Be Tripled)

How can we not talk about EcoFlow’s battery capacity while discussing Ecoflow Delta Pro review? Lithium-polymer and Lithium-ion batteries are becoming quite a hit nowadays. For their flagship model, more and more power stations are going for Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

The EcoFlow battery has an original rating of 3600 watt-hours. Before its capacity drops to 80% of this original rating, this battery provides 3500 charge cycles. These charge cycles are more than most of EcoFlow’s competitors. The Point Zero Energy Tital and Bluetti AC200P come with 2000W batteries.

If this battery isn’t enough for you, you can get expansion batteries. You can triple the capacity of Delta Pro by adding two more batteries. Additionally, you can pair their output to a massive 7200W of power if you get the double voltage hub. This power is more than that of a standard 5kW home solar system. One thing to note here is that one EcoFlow Delta Pro extra battery can cost you anywhere about $2,499.

3. Multiple Charging Speeds

JAN 23 ecoflow delta pro review You might think that such a big battery like the Ecoflow Delta Pro battery must take days to charge. Well, if you think so, you are wrong. Compared to most of the power stations in the market, this battery charges quite faster.

You get two modes when you charge this battery from the AC wall socket. These modes are Fast and Slow, you can choose between them through a small toggle switch.

If you are charging the EcoFlow Delta Pro 3600W solar generator using the 120V US version, the generator will charge in not more than 2 hours (at the rate of 1800W).

On the other hand, your EcoFlow Delta Pro can go from 0-100% in just an hour and a half in case you are using a 240V EU version (which has a charging power of 2900W).

There are claims by EcoFlow that its batteries are charged by a fast charging technology that uses a battery management system (BMS). This system keeps the battery healthy for a longer duration.

4. Super Fast Solar Charging

Delta Pro’s spec sheet states that you can charge it with solar panels up to a maximum of 1600W. So, if you have a solar array, you can easily charge your EcoFlow in less than 2.5 hours.

This battery comes with MC4 to XT60 cable in its box. This cable will help you plug your Delta Pro directly into your standard solar roof panels directly. However, you’ll have to buy a separate adaptor in case you have portable panels.

5. EV and Car Charging on the Road

JAN 23 ecoflow delta pro review Well, who doesn’t want to be able to charge their power stations through a car outlet on the go? The EcoFlow Delta Pro supports an 8A current input and 12V/24V car chargers. In its charging cable, you’ll also get charging cables.

Surprisingly, this power station also has an infinity port which allows you to use EV charging stations and 3400W input to charge it in even less than 2 hours.

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6. Great Display

This power station has one of the best displays in the market. The market is full of power stations with regular digital LCD displays. Until you get really close to these power stations, it is hard to see what’s displayed on their LCD.

In EcoFlow Delta Pro, the display is quite big, so it’s easily visible even in sunlight. It doesn’t have a backlight that goes on and off. However, it does have big bright digits that are easily visible in the dark.

On its right side, this display indicates the current power in and out with four digits. There are some additional symbols in the display, these show the AC power frequency and if the fans are running. There is a large circle at the center of the display which shows the percentage of the battery remaining. The left side of the display shows the current discharge rate.

Unlike the Bluetti AC200P, the EcoFlow Delta Pro doesn’t have a touch-screen display. But you can access Delta Pro’s display through a mobile app.

7. Great Mobile App But Lacks Automation

women on phoneThe EcoFlow power stations have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows you to remotely turn the DC and AC output on and off in front of the sleeping mode. Additionally, this helps you track the usage.

However, the EcoFlow power station doesn’t allow you to automatically adjust or schedule the input charge rate. This feature would have been helpful for areas where you have a cheap overnight tariff. This is quite helpful if you have linked several units into a home system.

Tesla Powerwall comes with an in-built automation feature. Currently, the EcoFlow Delta Pro comes with upgradeable firmware and Wi-Fi. So, there is still hope for its automatic in the future.

8. Safety & Security

The EcoFlow Delta Pro has protection against all kinds of overloads, including voltage and current, short circuits, and temperature extremes. It has a battery management system that monitors charge around the clock. It provides real-time regulation of current, voltage, and temperature. This is why the EcoFlow Delta Pro battery is much more safer and effective than the standard Lithium-ion batteries.

Another safety feature of this unit is that it has AC charge speed regulation. This feature allows you to avoid circuit breakers tripping and overloading the charging infrastructure. Additionally, it comes with four large fans that provide the required airflow. This should have gotten some outlook on Ecoflow Delta Pro Review. All these points will ultimately help you answer is EcoFlow Delta Pro worth it.

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What Can EcoFlow Delta Pro Power?

ecoflow delta pro reviewThere isn’t any appliance in an average household that an EcoFlow Delta Pro can’t power. It could probably even power the central heating furnace of your basement if it came with a three-phase outlet. Its 3600 watts of sustained power with a 7200 peak is much more than what an average user requires.

You can use this power station to power a smart air fryer, fridge, dishwasher, etc. You can even charge gadgets like tablets and phones at the same time with this power station.

With all the ports and sockets on EcoFlow Delta Pro, you’ll never have to use a power strip. It comes with-

  • Two USB-A 2.4 amp 12W ports
  • Four AC ports rated at 20A and one rated at 30A
  • Two USB-A 18W Fast Charge ports
  • Two standard DC5521 38W ports
  • Two 100W USB-C Power delivery ports
  • Anderson 12V 30A port

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Who is EcoFlow Delta Pro For?

The EcoFlow Delta Pro is a power station that can be overkill for most users due to its weight options, size, and power options. If you are going to a beach or on a day of road tripping portable power stations like Jackery 1000 are also good. However, if you want to tackle power outages caused by unreliable supply or extreme weather, you should go for EcoFlow Delta Pro.

This is a fantastic unit for people who want to flee for a vacation. It’s a fantastic power unit for multi-day camping trips. It offers a great solution for outdoor adventures and RV road trips, especially if it’s paired with efficient flexible solar panels.

If your house is in an area with an unstable electricity supply, you’ll need one or maybe two Delta Pro units to reduce your dependence on the grid.

Apart from all the points, an EcoFlow Selta Pro is not for everyone causes it’s quite pricey. It’s an investment. If you have any problems that this power station can solve then it will be good to buy one.

What Is Ecoflow Delta Pro Price?

EcoFlow Delta Pro is quite on the costlier side. An Ecoflow Delta pro price is anywhere around 4342 USD. I guess you might be wondering What Is Ecoflow Delta Pro battery price? Well, an Ecoflow Delta Pro Battery costs you around 3039 USD.

What Do Most Users Love About EcoFlow Delta Pros?

ecoflow delta pro reviewAfter understanding ecoflow delta pro price and ecoflow delta pro battery price, let’s learn about the reasons it is so popular among folks. Most users love the EcoFlow Delta Pro because of-

1. Powerful Battery on Wheels

The battery capacity of EcoFlow is a whopping 3600Wh. In EcoFlwo, you get a cent percent safe mobile power box. On a weekend getaway or a camping trip, you can roll this power station out effortlessly

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2. High-Speed Recharge

If your Delta Pro is out of battery and you plug it into a regular AC outlet, it will be recharged in just about 2 hours. It also comes with an advanced battery monitoring system. You can even charge it from the fast charging stations for EVs. You can easily charge this power station from your nearest EV charger in case your solar panels aren’t working due to bad weather.

3. You Can Use All the Ports

EcoFlow power stations have close to 15 outlets. When these units are fully charged they can charge all your gadgets. You will totally appreciate the Power Delivery and Fast Charge USB-C ports of the EcoFlow Delta Pro. It can help you charge your drone, phone, laptop, etc. You can use its remaining AC ports to charge more powerful devices like the washing machine, cooker, and fridge. It also has a 30-amp plug.

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What are EcoFlow Delta Pro Problems?

Every bean has it’s black, even EcoFlow Delta Pro has problems. The following points convey EcoFlow Delta Pro Problems-

1. Noise is Too Much To Handle

It is one of the biggest Ecoflow Dellta Pro problems. The sound produced by Ecoflow’s cooling fans can be quite annoying for some people. Other high-powered solar generators like BluettiAC200P are very quiet during their operation.

EcoFlow has a higher power rating and that does define the loud noise as more action will be needed to cool this system. Still, the noise it makes is too much. It will be good if the future models of this system work on this noise issue.

2. Too Heavy to Lift

Well, it’s not a new fact that the Delta Pro is a heavy system. Most online reviews about this unit complain about its weight. Although it comes with rubberized wheels and a retractable handle, it doesn’t help much. You can move this unit easily between rooms, but if you want to drag it onto the 2nd floor or you need to lift it into a car, you need to be ready for some weight lifting. Watch your back doing so!

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What are the Pros and Cons of EcoFlow Delta Pro?

Jan 23 pros and consThe pros and cons of EcoFlow Delta Pro are as follows-


  • Can easily power any home appliance
  • Has an expandable battery
  • Solar and AC dual charging
  • Has app control and an upgradable firmware
  • Has varying charging power
  • Has 15 output ports
  • Can be fully charged in about 1.8 hours

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  • Is quite heavy
  • Has low portability
  • Is expensive
  • Has quite noisy fans

How Long Will an EcoFlow Delta Pro Last?

An EcoFlow Delta Pro can last for about 3500 discharge cycles before its original capacity goes down to 80%. However, even after this it can last much longer but with a lower battery capacity.

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What are the Competition of EcoFlow Delta Pro?

Well, EcoFlow Delta Pro isn’t the only great power station in the market, there are many other portable power stations. The competition becomes quite tough when you start looking for a solar generator that can power all your things. These are a few competitors of EcoFlow Delta Pro in the market-

1. Bluetti EP500

JAN 23 Bluetti EP500
Image from

Bluetti is probably the biggest competitor of EcoFlow. It comes with a 5100Wh and has intelligent flexible recharging and a smart touch screen. However, its working power output is limited to 2000W and it weighs a whopping 167 lbs that you’ll have to pull around. Although it has four wheels these wheels are only ok for flat floors, they aren’t ideal for camping areas. Moreover, this power station costs around $4,599, you can buy a used car at this cost.

2. Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro

JAN 23 Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro
Image from

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro has a battery capacity of 2160Wh and offers only 2200W. It is a compact powerhouse that weighs only about 43 lbs. It can also be charged by Solar Saga portable panels.

3. Goal Zero Yeti 3000X

JAN 23 Goal Zero Yeti 3000X
Image from

Goal Zero Yeti 3000X offers high-capacity mobility. They have a trolley system and thus it’s easier to roll these power stations over turf, gravel, and sand. The major con of Goal Zero is that it has a working load of 2000W and it only has two AC outlets. Additionally, its price is nearly $2,799 which is quite competitive.

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Comparing EcoFlow Delta Pro With Other Popular Solar Generators

ParametersECOFLOW DELTA PRO 3600Goal Zero Yeti 3000XJackery Explorer 2000 ProBLUETTI EP500
Battery Cell TypeLiFePO4Lithium-ion NMCLithium-ionLiFePO4
Battery Capacity3,600Wh3032Wh2,160Wh5,100Wh
Rated Power (PSW Inverter)3600W2000W2200W2000W
Life Cycles3,50050010006000+
Charging Time2.7 hours (AC)

2.8 hours (Solar)

1.7 hours (AC + Solar + Smart Extra Battery)

6 hours (AC)

6 hours (Solar)

2 hours (AC)

2.5 hours (Solar)

3.5 hours (AC)–

3 hours (Solar)

1.77 hours (AC + Solar)

Surge Power7200W3500W4400W6000W
Solar Input1600W1200W1200W1200W
Car Charging AvailabilityYesNoYesNo
PortabilityPoorAverageGreatVery Poor
Weight (Approx.)99 lbs70 lbs43 lbs167 lbs
Price$ 3,699$ 3,499$ 2,099$ 4,999

So, Is EcoFlow Delta Pro Worth It?

If after going through this blog, you are still wondering is EcoFlow Delta Pro is worth it, then yes, it is. It is great for people who are looking for a powerful solar generator with a high-capacity battery. You can even extend the capacity of its battery by adding two more units. If you don’t mind the 99 lbs weight of this unit then just go for it.

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